Individual In Person or Virtual Consultations

Discover the best ways to achieve your health goals during this personal, intimate consultation where we will evaluate your current lifestyle, identify your needs, and develop a plan specific to your body type.

Group in Person or Virtual Presentations

My fun, interactive and educational health and wellness presentations are memorable and packed full of practical, affordable tips and advice. Perfect for community events, health fairs, business luncheons, schools, and more!

Workplace Wellness Programs Content

For every dollar spent on employee wellness programs, employers receive three to four dollars in healthcare savings according to researchers at Brigham Young University. Let me provide a wellness program customized to fit your needs!

Online Classes Content

Gain the accountability and knowledge of a personal wellness coach while learning from home! Learn easy ways you can simplify your life while improving your overall health, weight, energy, and focus.

Simple Swap Pantry Makeovers

Cleaning out your pantry has never been this fun! During this interactive home consultation, Daryn will show you and your family will learn how to read a nutrition label, which foods to consider replacing with unlimited healthier options, insightful cooking, and shopping tips, and more!

Simple Swap Smart Supermarket Shopping

Don’t let the aisles and aisles of choices at the grocery store fool you. Let Daryn show you how to shop with confidence when you discover the secret to identifying and choosing healthy foods. Receive a customized suggested brand(s) shopping list and personalized attention during this fun shopping trip.

Recipe Re-do

Do you have favorite recipes you want to make healthier, Daryn will show you how to re-do them to make them more nutritious and delicious. Call for quote.

Dining Out Menu Planning

Do you love to eat out but want to make sure you are making healthy food and beverage choices? Let Daryn take the guess work out for you by letting her guide you with healthy and delicious menu options customized to meet your food tastes and preferences at every restaurant you frequent, including fast food takeout and delivery.

At Home Menu and Meal Planning

Having a party or a get together? Let Daryn help you make your festivities healthier AND happier with her Special Occasion Meal and Menu consultation.

Travel Meal and Exercise Planning

Taking a vacation or going on the road for work? Want to maintain your weight and stay healthy while you are on the go or winding down? Let Daryn help you plan vacation or work travel dining and exercise options that will help you stick to your goals and enjoy your journey.

Monthly Maintenance Program

Daily accessibility to Daryn Mayer Wellness with any questions you may have about foods, recipes, ingredients, menu choices etc. all customized to meet your goals and food preferences.

DMW Signature Meal Prep and Plan

Want to eat healthier but don’t have time to make your own meals? Let Daryn help you make eating healthier easy and delicious with our signature meal delivery plans. We re-do your favorite meals by making them healthier and delicious and then we deliver them to your door. Weekly and monthly options available.

Signature Catering and Special Event

Throwing a party or family get together? Let Daryn help you make your special occasion easy and delicious with our signature catering and special event service.

We take your favorite foods and dishes and put our healthy spin on them so you and your guests can enjoy your party and the food and still feel great the next day!